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Final address – Socials roleplay 2016

Finally, I am free. What will hopefully be my last inprisonment has ended, along with the life of that scum Robespierre. I cannot say what will be next, I am without money, my child is a disgrace to me and… Continue Reading →

The LAST indepth post???

That went by quickly. I almost wish I could do another in-depth, this one was so much fun! So since the last post I’ve filmed a few more videos (featuring Melanie and Hira!), finished and cleaned Behind the Sea, started… Continue Reading →

Socials Roleplay 2016 – Marquis de Sade.

July 17th, 1789. Well. I can’t pretend that I’m not a little offended. I, the Marquis de Sade, was moved just DAYS before the storming of the Bastille. Five years in that godawful dungeon and I don’t get freed when… Continue Reading →

Searching for the real memeing.

I seriously can’t believe I just typed that. (My memes, possibly more to come.) Basically I picked the format of text above the spongebob image because I felt it was a humorous way of talking about a thing that is… Continue Reading →

COUNTing down to the end of Indepth; Post #5

Oh man this title won’t make sense to y’all for like another…. How far away is the next post?? All in due time, anyway; From what I’ve heard this is the last post with a lot of criteria so let’s… Continue Reading →

Ten facts about White Fragility! (Number seven will surprise you!)

Disclaimer: This post directly addresses white supremacy, fragility, and privilege. If these topics make you defensive, this post is probably about you. QUESTIONS What is white fragility? How does white fragility perpetuate itself? How can we work against white fragility?… Continue Reading →

House of (blogging) Gold

Man I love my titles. So, to recap the last two weeks I continued to practice The Judge, Tear In My Heart, and Major Chords. I did not meet with Josh last week (Feb 24th) as he was sick but… Continue Reading →

In-depth #3 a MAJOR stepping stone

(Major, like major chords, which I learned this week) (I think I’m funny) So the past two weeks I have worked more on The Judge and Tear in My Heart. A final strum pattern added (technically done The Judge!), and… Continue Reading →

In depth post #2

So last time I posted was just to introduce my in-depth project this year, ukulele. This post I will talk about my mentor and how he came to be here. As the time spent with my mentor is limited (30… Continue Reading →

Doc of learning #1: Discovering new ideas (But not like how Columbus discovered America)

Last year many of my socials works revolved around equality and privilege in history. Who could do what for how long and other related questions. For my final I wrote a “life” for a girl who had to dress as… Continue Reading →

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